TeleWidget Control Center

TeleWidget Control Center 1.4

A server side installed on PC used to provide services to iPad
1.4 (See all)
TeleWidget Inc.

TeleWidget Control Center a server side installed on PCs and it is used to provide services to iPad. It can work on Windows 2000, Xp, Vista and 7
How it works:
General is a group of generally used settings. If you want to restore the default settings of this page, please click “Default”.
Start at login
   This option enables TeleWidget to automatically start when Windows starts, and it is checked by default.

* Required Password
   This option requires you to input a password when ipad accesses the video share directory on your computer, and it is not checked by default.

* Listen on Custom Port
  This option is to manually set the connection port, and the default connection port is 8419. This option is not a default one.

* No standby mode when working
   By selecting this option, your ipad will not enter into the standby mode when watching the shared videos on PC, and this option is checked by default.

* Show Tooltips when Minimized
  By selecting this option, the minimized tooltips will show on the lower right Trayicon bar when closing the TeleWidget Control Center window and this option is checked by default.

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